Missionary Profile ~ Derek & Victoria

Today I want to highlight a great work going on in the islands of Lake Victoria, UG. It is a ministry of our good friend and fellow missionary Derek Bratton and his lovely wife Victoria. Derek is from Southern California and felt the call to Africa a few years back. Walking in faith he left his life in America and all the things that go with it and has followed hard after the things of Christ.

Victoria is a teacher and she was raised on Bubembe Island, UG with her grandmother. She began to think about helping the people of the islands in 2009 because they were in need of schooling. In addition to some form of education for the children, she noticed a great need among the women of the island. She began helping them though arts and crafts. Since then she has started a Saturday craft day with the ladies that also includes a Bible Study. A number of them have been blessed so much. Saturday is also the day they do a Children’s Club which provides worship, crafts and activities, and Bible stories for the children.

Derek spends his days helping around the community, working on various projects and helping those in need. Since he has a background in plumbing, he has also been placed in charge of the community water system. In all of his community involvement he shares the love of Christ and the message of hope through the Gospel. In addition, he has a small local church community of forty + orphaned girls that he shepherds. He helps pastor a second church each Friday and spends time walking alongside those caught in the bondage of alcoholism.

For greater detail about the ministry:

VKIDS TRUST UGANDA is a charitable Christian Organization that has become one of the grass root development assistance tool on the Island of Kalangala hence supporting local communities. It has been in existence on these Islands and other neighbouring Islands for 5 years.

VKids Trust Uganda is a registered non-governmental organization fully operating in four districts in Uganda that is to say, Kampala District, Wakiso, Mpigi, and Kalangala.

VKids Trust Uganda first operations were aimed in Kalangala District a district in Southern Central Uganda. This district is coterminous with the Ssese Islands in Lake Victoria.

Some of the prayer needs Derek and Victoria have are:

  • Direction and resources for their NGO
  • He has a work permit that needs to be moved to the NGO.
  • Victoria is working on her visa for the United States
  • God would grant them some land. Currently they use the local orphanage and nursery school for their church and Kid’s Club projects.

Feel free to connect through their website VKIDS TRUST UGANDA or email me if you would like more information as to how you can support this great ministry. You can also friend him on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/derek.bratton.50


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