Transitions ~ Living In Two Worlds

Entering Amsterdam yesterday brought me back into the modern world in full swing. From village living to modern living is quite the transition for sure. One day you are being welcomed by poverty stricken children in shabby dress and the next you are waiting in line for a $3 cup of coffee. It is difficult to wrap my mind around this.

The comforts of living in a fast pace, clean, convenient environment has its place. But it still seems like something is missing, and that something is connection. Each day as we walked along the red clay of Ishunga we were constantly greeted with smiles and waves. Children would walk up and hold our hands, men and women would stop working in their fields and come up to greet us. This is something I missed at the Schiphol Amsterdam airport. Everyone had a place to go, busy schedules to keep, connecting flights to be sure not to miss. One thing on most of their minds… and it wasn’t connecting with each other.

Living in two worlds is challenging since my heart is in one and my physical body is in another. Trying to navigate this paradox will be my next mission. How do I spend the next several months finalizing this chapter while preparing for the next. God has a way of creating these kind of things. I think of the story of Joseph in the book of Genesis. He knew that he was called to great things, yet for several years he sat in a jail cell waiting on God to open up the doors. I’m not equating my time back in the states as a prison, but it does feel a bit confining and restricted. Schedules to keep, bills to pay, projects to get accomplished before we leave again in a few short months. But God is good and He has great and mighty plans even in the transitions we go through.

Living in two worlds truly stretches your heart. While I am preparing and planning our next step, I already know that God has prepared the way. Now it is simply a matter of walking with Him from one world to the next…


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